Thursday, April 8, 2010

emotions' unrestricted fly ( felicity in waiting )

My endearment never waits for something that I surely know would bring me just to a corner, I care to wait because I know I may get possibilities of having fierce affection towards someone, future experience which I know would be synonymous to my own contentment, someone who's innate all about likes in a relationship.Insisting isn't a part of my script, like most people who were labeled wise, I may also be one of the most clever guys you'll ever know. I wouldn't insist mine If It's nauseous to someone's part.

"THIS ONE'S FOR YOU BABE" (reposted from facebook):

"Waiting" is different to "Insisting", kaya ko'ng magmahal ng walang katauhan, love indeed has no boundaries, just let me be HAPPY, masaya ako sa nararamdaman ko kahit alam ko'ng pwedeng walang patunguhan, ok na sakin na nakikita ko mukha mo sa facebook"   

I maybe waiting for nothing but I know what I'm feeling is extremely satisfying, CARE TO JUST LET ME BE.. A DREAMER.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

laundry of bygone ( scouring baleful beings )

Roosting of fowls, getting ready for a tilt of hands without succor of a spinner. All untidy clothes are settled and about to get in a basin for a process, CLEANSING. From tank top to bottom, may weigh more than a kilo and would give a worn out palm. Owe to my aunt, i just had much of a spare drive at least (greenish stewed pork). No way for an involuntary spastic but a hard squeeze committed to woof. 

Congruous to existence, each coming day would always be about renewal, embody all vicious things in between thread of a fabric when undressing and put on scent over undefiled garb when wearing , A newborn of a soundness and a resurrection of soul from bygone.

Monday, April 5, 2010

feeling's almost worn out yet thinking's at most abundant (insomnia)

I just came from shopping mall with my cousin haj, I'm glad I still care to have big spare of dough that I got earlier and would all go to school debts by this week, so bad. huhu! I'm in a hold with my thoughts not to head about tomorrow's undertakings. "TINATAMAD AKO" hahaha!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

innumerable plans for tonight ( a push by a hunid )

Ablaze afternoon with eyes towards my pathetic laptop. I'm excited to get my granny's conveyance at western union, just a hunid (hundred) of a value nyahaha!, it would be of great help to my tight allowance this week. I'll be heading to 168 by 5pm, i'll buy stuff for myself since I haven't bought new for such a long time. I'm actually having storm of ideas for tonight and I just don't know to which will I be giving way first. 

Friday, April 2, 2010

My repentance (It feels like flagellation)

Holy Thursday afternoon, I cooked for myself earlier because I woke up without anybody around, my aunt went to high street to purchase something. I'm helping now preparing lunch, while gyrating fish over the pan, I'm seeing a lot of people passing by, the opening of our house is almost a wide window where we could actually see what's happening outside. Some are enjoying their day, spreading over mat for swimming pool. From those scenes, I just realized that some are not into the spirit of lent. Some are not doing significant stuff, just fun and enjoyment.

I'm not doing much as well but helping my aunt with chores at least. Also watching lent shows over the television for some moral lessons to obtain, maybe simple activities but I know would do just good. Since yesterday I have this vice I'm straining not to do, SMOKE. I have couple of sticks around my cot and yet I'm Ignoring them. I just  included an elude to give part for my repentance. This maybe as hard as doing flagellation because I'm skewed to puffing cigar, I know this one's a good transition for this week.

choco mousse

Is this just a simple admiration? I don't think so, now that I'm seeing just a thin line to get myself into a bliss of wanting someone? hahaha! I just give a laugh about it, yeah I maybe too early for this, I'm such a moron. But no!  something's indeed so strange and It feels good, It's like I've tasted a small fraction of my favorite choco mousse cake and I'm still craving for more. 

This is about someone whom I happened to know through facebook. Let me just name this person "e.l.". We've been chatting on line for almost three weeks. I even did open my forgotten skype account just for us to hear and see each other. I don't have any serious intentions at first, I am just seeking for friends thinking that It may somehow help me get diversions, and would eventually obliterate everything about my past relationship. Actually, I'm almost an inch near the point of finally saying I've already moved on. During those times when I'm still in pain from getting hurt by someone, I kept on saying that It'll be difficult again to find love, I'll be counting years just getting over my ex. "Nagkamali ako", It's still possible in a wink that I might give myself a chance to have an eye and heart for someone else, specially when most of your likes are innate visible to a person.